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After graduating from FTII, Pune  in 1993,  Mr. Sharma worked as cinematographer for 12 years in bombay. His well-known  work  includes  Music video “Nishani” of pop artist Jassi and two  feature film ”Ladli”, funded by Children’s Film Society Of India, and “Sonam” about the Monapa language shot in Aruranachal pradesh.

He has travel extensively in Europe while shooting ”Vivere” and   underwater shoot on  40 islands in Bahamas and Caribbean .

Mr. Sharma has curated a retrospective of FTII diploma package to Potsdam film school in Germany ,Tampere international short Film Festival in Finland and Indian film festival “Bollywood and beyond” in Stuttgart Germany in 2004  , 2005 , 2006 .

He specialized in scripting short PSA films including well known series  “each one teach one” for NLM and founded annual event PSA-CSR.

Mr.sharma has directed 4-documnetry films 3-for PSBT, All Time Blues about  brass band music culture in India, Rotigraphers of India:- about   local photographic community and show must not go on about:- Cruelty against animals & one for MEA featuring kathak dancer Shovana Narayan and 5-intrenational dancers.

currently he is Managing director of CRFAT film school and editor AND PUBLISHER of quarterly magazine “cinematography art”  and in pre production of Hindi  film “Aapka Bunty” based on novel Ms Mannu Bhandari .